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Atonik is a unique, residue-free plant biostimulator based on 3 synthetic nitrophenols (naturally occurring compounds in living cells). Plants treated with Atonik show better growth and generative development, improved biomass accumulation, and higher efficiency
of photosynthetic apparatus, water status, membrane integrity and cell wall lignification. Atonik reduces the negative impact of stress and builds better tolerance of unfavourable crop growth conditions. Applied in the field, Atonik increases the yield and yield quality of arable crops, fruits, greenhouse and field vegetables.

Atonik is produced and developed by Asahi Chemical Manufacturing, located in Nara, Japan. Over 50 years of research and development in co-operation with more than 100 Universities and Scientific Institutions has resulted in 10 global patents, over 500 trials and more than 200 scientific papers.

The product is commercialized in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas for the treatment of various annual and perennial crops including oilseed rape, potato, sugar beet, sunflower, cereals, rice, maize, soybean, fruit trees, berries, olives, grapes, citrus, cucurbits, solanaceous, leafy and root vegetables.

Active Ingredients of Atonik in February 2009 are registered based on Plant Protection Law as Crop Protection Products in EU (Annex I, Directive 2009/11/EC). Since 2009 intensive work on Post Inclusion Maintenance has been in progress in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Spain.